In Memory of
Steve L. "The Bouncer" Morey

Bouncer was with 25th Inf. Div. LRRPs in Cu Chi, RVN, 1968

Then in Co. F, 50th Infantry (LRP) 25th Infantry Division during 68/69

He was a 100% Service Connected Disabled Vietnam Veteran (Combat) who loved his Harley. He didn't forget his brothers and worked with 75th Ranger Regiment as a Veterans Advocates. He was also the Arms for the Mt Rainier Community Chapter (forming) of the VVA. in Elbe WA.

( Bouncer Speaking ) The 25th Infantry Div LRRP Det (Prov) was organized incountry (RVN) in 1966 by Cpt Mark Ponzillo. It was made up of selected volunteers from the 25th ID. It had an authorized strength of 48 men but never exceeded 23. Training was primarily conducted by Cpt P an experience Special Forces officer but with little official doctrine to guide us most of our knowledge was gained from lessons learned in the field. What this generally meant was either hey this works we'll try it again or oh crap we got out butts kicked lets try it another way. As the first LRRP unit to operate in the delta we learned a lot about what didn't work. To keep this short the unit later became F Co, 75th Rangers. To find out more about our heritage go to LRRP.COM "Unlike Rangers of other eras in the 20th Century who trained in the United States or in friendly nations overseas, LRP and Rangers in Vietnam were activated, trained and fought in the same geographical areas in Vietnam." read more at RANGER.ORG

TAPS: Bouncer (Steve Morey) has made the final walk.
His siter inlaw informed this eve.

Steve's sister inlaw wrote the following:

Bouncer passed away on June 4, 2003 from liver cancer caused by AO. Not only did he have that but also diabetes and hep C. He did two tours in nam in 68 and 69 and was in LRRP, CO. 7 and 75th Rangers. He died at the age of 52.

I wish that there were something I could do for the family's of AO. Bouncer will be missed by many as well as other viet nam vets who parish from this horrible chemical.

May God bless you and our prayers are with you as well.

Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson

Joes 2 cents...

Bouncer was a friend who I had the priveledge of working with on AO issues over the years.

He was a guy with a big, big heart, doing what he could for his brothers, those he knew and many he never met.

Had the privilage of working with him on a few of his projects to get others thier benefits, among other things and not once in the years I knew him did he once ask for help or complain about his health. He is some one I will miss and would like to add a page at the AOVets site dedicated to Bouncer.. ( here it is "Bouncer" finally done!)

Working with "Bouncer" was a refreshing break from the "mouths" on the web who appeared over night and started referal agency's, while taking credit for actually helping people

I know this tribute and memorial is not much, he deserves much more, but it's From The Heart.

He will be here in my heart, mind and thoughts, and not forgotten. PERIOD!

No man is dead unless he is forgotten, Steve, NEVER Forgotten., See you on the other side my friend.

Those who never knew him have missed something special, those who did, I now, join you in mourning his loss, yet celebrating his new life..

Joe Oliver
Houston, Texas USA

Hey Bouncer, the fact is, your missed. See ya soon I hope.

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